Monday, March 1, 2010

Oh the Technology Irony

I have a ton of technology. This is a side effect of being married to my husband. He likes technology. He likes gadgets, games, and gizmos. As a whole, I like the benefits that come with being married to a technology lover. For our first Christmas together, I received one of the first mp3 players - that's right, it was the size of a house and could hold, WHHHHAAAAAA? oh yea, 16 songs. I. Was. Cool.

So when Randy decided he wanted a Droid for his birthday/Christmas gift, I was all for it. When we decided we could upgrade my phone as well? Well, I was excited to say the least. Finally I would have my technology in my fingertips. I would have my calendar, web, texts, EVERYTHING in my hand. Oh sweetness of the world, mama LIKES streamlining.

However, the technology is only as good as the person entering it. So when my droid rang it's hot "droid" ring and reminded me that this was my week for blogging? Heh, it reminded me on MONDAY instead of SATURDAY. So here I am, 12.5 hours late on my post...and I have nothing to say other than, "Doh!" in my best Homer voice.


Tim said...

Yes, well I can so feel your pain. The good news is when I checked the calendar I got to breathe a sigh of relief as I thought this was my week....

Heather said...

Ha ha! Well it did better than I have been doing about reminding people!