Friday, March 5, 2010

Fast, friendly food

I know that this is typically the recipe posting day, but I wanted to change it up a little bit and talk about types of food. There is a push right now for organics and local food - and I have to say, I am in agreement. Our budget doesn't allow for all organic all the time, and our lifestyle doesn't allow for all fast food to be eliminated. From December on, I've been more intentional about getting the crap out and the good stuff in and it has made a difference, not just on our grocery bill, but on our mindset.

Our non-negotiated items are milk, eggs, chicken and cereal. Those are the items we eat every week, so we want them to be as pure as possible. A gallon of organic and local milk cost me $3.79 at our local good foods store, and it is yummy milk (3 year old approved). And the local farmer's market provides us fresh eggs and veggies year round. There is nothing like fresh pico de gallo, you know? yum. So I'll leave you with that recipe and encourage you to buy organic if you can - the wax free pepper and tomato are nice to chop up.

Pico de gallo

4 organic roma tomatoes washed and chopped
1 organic green pepper chopped
1/4 C organic white onion chopped
1/8 C cilantro chopped extra fine
1 T lemon or lime juice

Mix together and enjoy :)

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Chelsea said...

MMM love Pico de gallo, I will have to try to make this sometime.