Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Kids' Art Gallery

One of the things that most kids enjoy is seeing their art work on display. I have always taped a selection of my kids’ art to our kitchen cabinets. I know most people would shudder to have papers taped to their cabinets, but the look on my kids’ faces when they see a new piece of their art on display is worth it to me. I know the time will come soon enough that I don’t have their art to display and my cupboards will be bare.

There are still options for those who don’t want papers taped everywhere though. I created a small gallery on a kitchen wall to frame one painting each that my older two kids did before their sister was born. (I guess I should get a third added!) I got two frameless frames and had the kids use the same set of paint colors so that they would have some of the same colors included in their work.

If you are so inclined, you can easily change the art to more current work every month or two. I had planned to do this, but enjoyed their original creations so much and liked how they looked in the kitchen that I’ve kept them the same for the last three years.

Another option if you have more than one child or have a child who is quite a prolific artist is to buy one of those collage frames. (This is also a good option if you have limited wall space.) I am partial to the horizontal frames with 3 or more vertical openings. Once again, offer your child or children one set of paints with only a few colors that will compliment the area you will want to hang the collage.

The kids love that their artwork is showcased as important and meaningful work. I get my home decorated beautifully and inexpensively. It’s a win-win for us!

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Jules said...

I have magnetic clips on the backside of our door and I change out the art there. I like the idea of frames....I need some art up on these walls!