Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What About You?

Beautiful and vibrant red, orange and yellow leaves; long walks through the cool woods; colorful mums and hot apple cider; wreaths and fall-scented candles and big orange pumpkins; apple crisp and apple pie; brisk nights and warm fires: these are but a few of the reasons fall remains my favorite season year after year. I appreciate the beauty of freshly-fallen glaringly white snow, I long for the renewal of spring and I celebrate the “woo-hoo, it’s finally here” of summer, but fall is first on my list.

What else can I tell you about me?

Here are some tidbits that are true, at this hour, on this day of this week, month, and year. As for who I am tomorrow, well, who can know? We’ll have to wait & see, won’t we? But for now, you can be sure that I:

…am a mother of three boys, and, as such, haven’t stopped moving for the past 13 years.

…have been married to my generous and merciful husband for almost 18 years. Because, you know, I was, like, 10 when we got married, right?

…cherish my friends and enjoy the camaraderie we share, particularly over a good glass of red wine or a thick, dark beer.

…still get out once a week to play in a basketball league.

…never met a beach or a palm tree I didn’t like.

…feel stunned by how quickly life has moved from a houseful full of toddlers to no toddlers at all.

…like to win. Just about anything, always. Wanna play?

…don’t like chores, but have finally perfected a chore-chart system for my kids, which I'm certain they will dismiss as soon as they walk onto a college campus.

…love to listen to my husband play the piano.

…am not giving up Diet Pepsi anytime soon.

…am not a morning person, and that’s putting it mildly. So don’t call before 8:00. You've been warned.

…didn’t like any vegetables other than corn or plain lettuce until after college.

…like snap peas, asparagus, raw spinach, and artichokes.

…am likely to be a few minutes late for our meeting.

…don’t like it if you’re a few minutes late for our meeting.

…try to be fair, but (see above) am not always just.

…used to think the dentist was fine, but now I never want to go again.

…wear glasses because after my third son was born I was just too tired to put those contacts back in.

…volunteer at my sons’ schools. All 3 of them (sons, and schools).

…love to take pictures but don’t aspire to be a photographer. I just want to capture my kids, and our family, at all of their ages and stages.

…miss my dog, Tucker, terribly. He gave us 13 ½ great years, and he was in a class by himself. We all miss him.

…like to be with friends and like to be alone with my thoughts. I find value in both.

…love to read, love to write, and love to gather with other writers to challenge each other to dig deeper, to go further, to discover more of ourselves, and to use it in our work.

…like words.

…will not give up my iPhone. Nope, sorry, it’s mine.

…love to travel and get my family out and about in the big wide world as often as I’m able.

…want to know more about you. Will you share something? How about 2-3 things that make you unique? Post them in the comments and link to your blog if you have one, so I can check it out.

Happy fall!


Heather said...

Great tidbits about you! You already know some stuff about me though so I won't add any. :)

Jules said...

Love all your tidbits! Thanks for sharing :)