Tuesday, March 16, 2010

waiting games

the other day, my best friend {who lives in VA} & i were texting on and off, i mentioned heading back to the dr. while there our texts went something like this:
her "whats verdict"
me "still waiting. *babies fussy & hungry."
her "do you have help"
me "just two 5 yr olds"
her "good lord"
in the last 6 weeks we've been to the pediatrician 8+ times. {all about ear infections for 3 of my 4.}

actually taking all 4 to the dr. is fun! not fun that they are sick, but fun we are together. the fish are fascinating in the waiting room. then we pass our time waiting in the exam room by either reading or usually playing "i spy" sometimes we are disappointed when the dr. shows up and our game has to end. 

once in awhile {especially while in a nursing room} we play mommy says, aka. simon says.

what is your waiting game? i'm always looking for new ideas.

*this was the one time i didn't feed my babies prior to leaving for the dr. never again if i can help it. they were great but each needed extra entertaining.

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Heather said...

I absolutely hate waiting at the doctor's office with my kids. A short wait is not so bad, but there have been times I have had to wait up to 2 hours. Not fun.

My iPod helped entertain my son when I had to take him to my OB visits when I was pregnant with D though. That worked pretty well most of the time.