Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust

I liked my teachers. Hard to believe since I now am one, heh. Mr. D was my Senior AP gov teacher. Unfortunately for him, I was his TA. Every day I would pour my angst with the world out on his desk as he tried to grade papers. Finally, one day Mr. D said, "Julie, be like Peter Pan and fly." I so flippantly said, "What?" like "You're nuts, D." and Mr. D, in his most controlled but annoyed voice said, "Think happy thoughts and fly."

So I left. I am a quick study on voice inflections, but his message eluded me until years later. The simplicity of this world eludes us. Our human traits get in the way of, really, a pretty nice way of life. It wasn't until after college when I heard about Mr. D's battle with cancer that I thought to that day and recognized the lesson in the frustration.

Stop thinking and judging the world, Julie, and live. Fly. Be happy.

Fast forward to my own boys.

Drew is a serious kid with a need to know all details all the time. He is also one that will go critical faster than I can spin around and go Peter Pan on him. He, like Jane from Finding Neverland sometimes needs the reminding that it is good to be a kid. It is good to laugh with abandon, to relax around the little bro, and let life come. He sometimes needs to reminder to have faith, trust and Pixie dust. When I saw this vinyl banner at bpboutique.com, I wished for a place in my house to put it. Perhaps it is at the bottom of the stairs by the family room. It is a good reminder for all of us that indeed, sometimes we need to lighten up.

Mr. D. lost his battle with cancer, and I cried the day I found out. I had always wanted to tell him what a difference his frustrated comment made - but I never took the chance, always leaning on tomorrow...but, indeed, he impacted my life in a way that is impacting my kids - all for the better - all for the good.

Faith, Trust, and Pixie Dust - it is an underlying value at the Brock house. One in which we can build laughter, love, and pure joy, which is a solid foundation in my book.

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Heather said...

Definitely a good lesson and something we should all strive to live by especially when most of us have it so easy. Unfortunaely it seems to often take hard times for us to appreciate that.