Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Teacher's kids

I feel for both the boys. They are teacher kids. Which means their mother has no problem correcting other kids at the park. Which also means their mother has a mean and nasty stern look that sometimes comes out on its own accord. Which means I have to watch my p's and q's because my soapbox about education is long, wide, and tall.

We are facing major cuts in our district. We have a referendum up for election, and our community has such little faith in the current leadership that it isn't a guaranteed pass. If it doesn't pass, we will be asking for double the supplies next year, because we won't have a supply budget. If it doesn't pass, we will face taking out our own garbage at the end of the day because our maintenance staff will be, yet again, cut. If it doesn't pass we are looking at major cuts - choice schools, activities - all the extras that make school well rounded and, well, fun.

I'm with the voting populous, I'd like more communication and transparency about where the funds will go. I would like to know more without digging through crazy comments on the local newspaper's articles. I would love to see a true community effort to come together for our kids - all of our kids - because your kids become my kids when they enter my classroom. They matter, they education matters, and I'm having a hard time keeping my stern look reigned in as I look around at the disconnectedness of all involved parties. It would be great if we could put down our pointer fingers and look at the crisis of education period. If we could find a way to work together to ensure our community and our kids were educated equally and prepared to be part of our voting populous no matter what their future holds (college, business, trade school, etc. ). If we could put our personal vendettas away and look at our students as our kids and recognize they all need an education. They all need markers, and they all need a teacher mom's look looking our for them.

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Hip Mom's Guide said...

Thank you for being the kind of teacher who cares about the kids walking into your classroom. As a parent, I want to my kids to have the best education they can. That starts at home, I believe, but continues and is enhanced at school. I notice which teachers really want to be there, and it DOES make a difference. I'm sorry your district has been hit so hard with the budgeting stuff...it seems to be the status quo these days. Good luck and THANK YOU for showing up with your stern looks and your caring heart and teaching all sorts of kids.