Thursday, September 16, 2010


L.A. breathed around me, always a breath ahead. I loved it - the beach, the weather, the smell of fall air - even though it wasn't that much different from winter air. It was this book that helped me find my way when I left L.A. for Oregon.

Johnson's tale of education left me on the edge. It left me looking for the place to sign up. It showed me that there was a place for me in the workforce - because I wasn't quite sure. Up until this time I tended bar and guarded lives. Both important - one I helped people drown, the other I prevented it. Both involved people, both involved teaching or guiding, and both gave me a love for humanity. Johnson, however, tapped into my creative side that lifeguarding and slinging drinks just couldn't satisfy.

Every day is different and yet, the same.

People need to know they are valued and loved first and foremost, before they will fulfill any classroom parameter. And I teach with this at the forefront of my mind.

It is a great read about compassion, healing, love, and heartache. It is a read full of truth too big to swallow, so it can merely be observed. It is full of the fodder I needed to push into education and say, "Indeed. Here am I, send me."

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Heather said...

Is this the book that Dangerous Minds was based on?