Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Messy Closet

Once upon a blue moon, my son and I organized his closet.  It was neat and tidy.  Puzzles on shelves, clothes hanging up (the ones he doesn't wear often), a box for give-away clothes, and a stack of hand-me-downs he might wear soon enough.

But then his brothers outgrew more clothes, and I added those to the growing heap. 

Next, my son decided he didn't want his puzzles on his shelf.  He wanted them on his dresser, and so he spent hours shifting them from one place to the other.  I haven't had the heart to ask him to put them back.

Of course, we added a new puppy to the family, and the puppy is extremely fond my my son's stuffed animals.  They're hiding on the floor in the closet now, too, next to some toys he decided he'd rather keep in there than in his toy bins.

In short, it's a mess!  

How will we handle it?

We've decided, my son and I, to have a pretend "we're moving" day.  We'll sort and shuffle and decide what stays and what goes.  We'll take everything out, paint the walls, and put thing back into a new spot.  His "new" room will force me to get rid of the old stuff and help him to find the right place for the new spot.  That's the idea, anyway.

The day hasn't been chosen yet, but I can tell I'm going to need some energy for this one!

So, any tips?  Have you gone this route before?  Am I nuts?!

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Serial Mommy said...

Come mid October my SIL (crazy, I'm pretty sure she is certifiable) is taking all 5 of my kiddos for a weekend, spanning from Friday evening to Sunday evening, so that my hubby and I can have some down time with one another and do a deep deep from top to bottom clean of our house. I'll need some of that energy you'll be using to do this. Not to mention the energy of many others too. So as for tips, I have nada. I'm a just dive in kind of gal.