Friday, September 24, 2010

Kids, Candy, and Money Management

This summer I decided to handle the candy thing a little differently.  There’s an old-fashioned candy store in the town where we spend our summers, see?  And when kids can buy candy for $.10, they are relentless.  And when their friends come to visit?  Oh yes.  All relentless.

So instead of fighting the sugar God, I decided to hand out cash.  In June.

“This,” I proclaimed, “is your money for the summer.  Mini-golf, lemonade, so much candy your teeth fall out…whatever you can buy,  it’s yours.”

“All of it?!”  They grinned from ear to ear.  They couldn’t believe their luck.

“Yep, until it’s gone.  And then, it’s gone.”

They’re not foolish, those children of mine.  They measured their options, weighed their choices, and loved not having to ask whether they were allowed to buy some candy every time a friend came to visit.  No one ever came asking for more.

I’m definitely going this route next year.

What about during the school year?  Can you share any tips that helps kids figure out how to manage their money--and not spend all of ours?

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Heather said...

That's a great idea. I love it and I will have to remember that one!