Monday, September 20, 2010

Outdoor Adventures

What I hope:  I hope that I never lament the "good old days" when kids played outside in the summer.


To me, a complaint like this is akin to wondering why our kids drink too much soda (from our fridge) or watch too much TV (in our living room).

Maybe the cold of our Midwestern winters is what makes me get my kids (and myself) outside during the other three seasons.  Because, Lord knows, I am completely content to sit in front of the TV with my Diet Pepsi during the unbearable season of frostbite.  And yes, my kids drink soda, and yes, they watch TV.  Sometimes too much or too often, because, hey, we're just doing our best here and what fun would life be without a movie, Sprite and some hot wings?

But summer?  No.  In the summer we explore the great outdoors.  And there's hardly a scene I like better than this:

How about you?  What outside "adventure" do you most enjoy with your kids?

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