Friday, December 4, 2009


To put it mildly, I HATE TO COOK!! I love to do hors de'ouevers for parties (with 4 kids under 5, I don't have many grown up parties)

I'm not the meal kind of making mama. Don't get me wrong, I do make meals, I just hate doing them and they are definitley not gourmet.

One thing I do love is finding a healthier version to foods my kids love, so I was excited to try chicken nuggets from this cookbook. Puree is so easy.
Find the recipe here.

I make them with broccoli but want to try sweet potato too. While mine don't look cute like the staged picture, they sure are delish! Serve with a salad, biscuits and fruit to make a wonderfully filling and nutritious dinner.

The kids love them, I love them, my husband loves them, and my parents love them. These are even more yummy as left overs.


Heather said...

I have that cookbook too but have yet to try anything from it. I probably should one of these days!

Stephanie said...

Oh you should. I've tried quite a few, good and somewhat easy.

Jules said...

I LOVE this cookbook! I have a kid who HATES veggies, and this is great! I need to pull it back out again - after the new year, I think :)