Tuesday, December 1, 2009

What am I gonna wear?

As a female, I can always remember having issues with "what am I gonna wear today?!" After staring into my closet for 10 minutes, I'd try on 15-20 different outfits, finally decide on one and then frantically rush to finish up because now I was running late to school, to work, to ______ you fill in the blank.

{Even now as a work at home mom, I still have this issue. Probably because my maternity clothes are too big and my other clothes are either too small, too worn, or don't fit right any longer....but that is a whole other story. Please don't get me started!}

Once my kids were born, not only did I have to get myself ready but two babies too. After maternity leave, I headed back to my corporate career while my babies stayed home with a nanny and eventually daycare. Every Sunday, I checked the extended weather report and picked out clothes for each day of the week, folded them and stacked them in a pile by day in their closet. Then each night, I'd set out the clothes for the following day. This led to a less stressful morning and me being able to get out the door on time, except on those separation anxiety days (again another story for another post.)

Fast forward 2 years, I became a work at home mom and this organization went by the wayside, we had a lot of pajama days. In September, my big kids started am preschool and that meant getting 4 kids ready and out the door.

I'm back to every Sunday night, getting their clothes picked out for the week, so come Monday morning, all I have to do is grab the pile, add socks and underwear (or diaper) and we are good to go. No extra minutes figuring out what to wear (except for me) or fighting over clothes at least for now.

I'll just enjoy this time until my two girls get older and stare into their closet and say "what am I gonna wear today?!"

What do you do to solve this morning dilema?

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Heather said...

I do this too. I have hanging closer organizers that I put each day's clothes in for each child. Saves a lot of headaches in the morning for sure!

I pick my own clothes out the night before.