Thursday, December 10, 2009

Goose Moon

My sister-in-law gave my kids a copy of this book because she happened to work with the illustrator. She even had him autograph the book before she gave it to us.

The story is a sweet story about a little girl missing the fun of summer and wondering when those days will return. She asks her grandfather when summer will return and he tells her it will be back when she sees the Goose Moon. As the days go by and the little girl continues to dream of summer, little by little she sees signs of Spring until one night the Goose Moon appears.

While the story is well-written and those of us here in Minnesota can certainly relate to being tired of Winter, it is the illustrations that draw me to this book. I can spend a lot of time poring over the intricate drawings that are so lifelike, yet retain the feel of a drawing.

My sister-in-law also gave us the second book illustrated by the same man, Best Little Wingman. It is a cute story about a child who rides along while her father drives a big snow plow and clears the streets during a snow storm. The illustrations are just as beautiful as well.

While looking up the links for this post, I noticed that Postier has illustrated a third book Turtle Girl I think that's next on our book list!

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Jules said...

These look great! I LOVE the concept, and looks incredibly appealing for us here in da nort', ya.