Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter Break

When I close my eyes, I'm somewhere warm.  There are palm fronds and hibiscus blooms and pink drinks with umbrellas peeking over the top.

But, really, I'm here.

It's lovely in its own way, but warm?  Most decidedly, it is not warm!

In lieu of plane fares and passports and faraway tropical destinations, we decided to find warmth a little closer to home.

Great Wolf Lodge has several locations, including Wisconsin Dells, Traverse City, MI, Sandusky, OH and Mason, OH, and Kansas City, KS.  If you're not close to one of those, I'm sure a Google search can help uncover a waterpark closer to home.  If you're in need of a winter break, I recommend it for a quick getaway.

It's not paradise, but for a few hours it can sure come close.

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