Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cooped Up!

What to do with 4 young kids during the sick cold winter days? 
Kids (& adults) start to get stir crazy when they aren't feeling well plus it's either too cold or too blizzardy to go outside and play. Bickering ensues, crying happens too often which makes me want to pull my hair out.

Here are a few things I pull out for a change of pace. 
First, I got a ginormous bag of rice at Sams Club, poured it into a shallow plastic bin, threw in some toys and placed it on a plastic tablecloth. Called the kids and they were all excited and played well for an hour or so.  Although, Easton (17mos) kept throwing the rice, he's in the throw everything stage.
Yes, it's a bit of a mess to clean up, if you have little one who like to throw but, it's worth the laughter and smiles.  I've tried out dated oats I had in the cupboard and that's too dusty. It's rice, so I don't care if it goes in their mouth. 

Our next favorite (especially for my littlest ones) is to put toys, animals in our case, on the kitchen table and let them play while sitting in a big chair.  My babes love to line them up, stack them, knock them down, hand them to me, take them back, repeat.
My older kids love to play with their toys on the table too.  It's a nice change since normally they are playing on the floor.

{"Mommy, why do you have the camera?"

{Miss Adler has had enough of the camera }
 Our other favorite is to put on the music and have a dance party!

What are your cooped up activities?

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