Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Do You Have An Office in Your Car?

Hi, I'm Heather and I have a messy car.

It started when my oldest started preschool. More accurately, it was her second year of preschool when the teachers would bring the kids out to us parents while we waited in the car line.

I brought things with me in that car line. A magazine at first. A book. Then a notebook and pen. Then clothes that needed new buttons.

When the big kids both hit elementary school and I spent more and more time waiting in the car it was obvious I had a problem. The few times I needed to have a passenger in the front seat of the car threw me in a whirlwind of trying to frantically clean the seat and floor on the right side of the car.

It was embarrassing. Even more embarrassing was the occasional time that a teacher would want to talk to me in the car line and attempt to open the front passenger door. Oh my. Once, a teacher was successful and was treated to an avalanche of stuff.

I have a problem. Hi, I'm Heather and I'm a messy-car owner.

I've tamed my mess in the past. But my method got moved to the trunk and has to be moved back. I think I'll move it back tomorrow.

I bought a basket with handles when it was on sale at a craft store. I can put all my junk in there. It won't fall out and I can move it easily if I need to make room for a passenger. It's a step. Someday I won't be in a car line so often, or at all. Then my car will revert to a simple mode of transportation instead of a mobile office/craft area/waste basket.

Do you have a messy passenger seat or do you actually transport people in that seat?


Jules said...

Are you kidding? Amytime I offer a ride I have to take five minutes to clear a space and then that space is still a bit, uh, kid-a-fied. I need to give some TLC to the cars, big time.

Hip Mom's Guide said...

Just this week as I was giving several kids a ride home, I scrambled to pick up all of the torn off ski helmet boxes & ski accessory packages that littered floor of our car after last week's ski trip. The gear? Still all in the back...

The passenger seat is full of randomness, which simply gets shifted to one of the captain's chairs when someone gets in. Not pretty, is it?