Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Managing boys

Oh, Boys. Boys.


I am so grateful to be a boy mama. They are maniacs, funny, turbulent, adorable, annoying, silly, and sweet. They are smart and yet do some of the dumbest things - like getting arms stuck in chairs or putting a variety of objects in noses and ears. They are explorers.

I teach High School, and this year I have a particular group of boys that remind me of mine. They are silly, annoying, and excessively sweet. They drive me crazy as they throw objects across the room at each other during my lunch. Yet, they respect me, my space, and my opinion. They hang out in my room because they are in need of another adult role model. They are in need of boundaries and acceptance. They are in need of a place to be and belong.

I'm honored my room is that place.

I was told by a good friend of mine that to be the place, "the place", that our children and their friends want to hang out at there are a few steps to do to ensure this.
1. stock the fridge on Fridays before school is out
2. make Fridays family night, but inclusive of friends
3. Always be in the kitchen baking or doing something right after school (while they eat)
4. don't say much and listen always
5. consistency - don't miss a Friday, even if there is a game or a dance - go to the game together and part ways for the dance.

I hope to keep these in the forefront of my mind as we continue toward adolescence at a staggering pace. In the meantime, when my silly boys need a hug, I hug them. When they ask to sit on my lap, I welcome them. When they ask for a good cry, a good prayer, a good meal, or a good laugh I make sure I am present to give it.

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Heather said...

I love this. Friday night is already family night here...we are willing to include friends! :)