Friday, April 23, 2010

Food and Photography

I knew when I picked my weekly theme of photography that I would be royally screwed when Friday came. Food? And photography? The ideas that came to my mind were sketchy at best:
  • Edible photos like those ones they do on cakes at the supermarket? Sounds like a cake wreck to me.
  • Photographs OF food, like those people who work for advertisers and magazines? Interesting idea, but I don't know anything about it and I wouldn't be able to say much.
  • Photographs of people eating food. Hm. HM. HMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm........ No.
  • Photographs of me making food. Don't we do this every week anyway?
So, how about I just show you a photograph of the leftovers from the garden party I threw yesterday?

Oriental chicken salad, sushi, key lime pie, potato salad, grapes, cheese, artichoke & spinach dip, sliced peppers & carrots with dip. On the counter and in the pantry, there's also homemade baklava cookies, corn chips, homemade oregano & parmesan bread, and chocolates.

Excuse me, I need to go take a nap now. I was up all day and night yesterday cooking and cleaning and I have a baby that has decided to stop sleeping through the night. You are all invited over later on for pie and coffee. Or sushi. You pick. But I have to go sleep now.

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