Thursday, June 17, 2010

summer reads

Drew's favorite is anything nonfiction. He picked up Into the Rain Forest, part of the Jeff Corwin Experience series from Scholastic. If it isn't nonfiction, it isn't cool for the 6.5 year old.

Owen's taste is a bit different. He wants to be entertained. He wants to LAUGH. Our favorite is Russell the Sheep. He received this for his birth day from his aunts Stef and Kara.

As for me, I'm all over the place for summer reading. I heard from a friend that American Wife is a must read. Right now I'm trying to finish Before you Know Kindness, but it is moving slow for me. I keep trying to will myself to get into it, but I. just. can't. Which is odd for me. Usually I have to finish a book if I start it, but this one...I might not finish. I have East of Eden to start next, and I'm really ready for that read - excited!

Most importantly, we are reading. Every day and every night - which is key during our hectic and busy summer days. We slow down for a few minutes to pick up a good book.

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Heather said...

We love reading around here too. I also feel the need to finish a book once I start it, even if it kills me.