Monday, June 28, 2010

Isn't it interesting?

Isn't it interesting how life changes? Looking back, I remember many things I said I wouldn't do and I can't believe I am or have done them.

Growing up I loved city life and always wanted to live in a big city.  While visiting NYC, my parents thought it was too dirty too crowded and I thought it was perfect.  As a young adult, I settled in Minneapolis.  After marriage, we moved one suburb out and I had a hard time saying I lived in Richfield vs. Minneapolis.  In August, we are moving further south to a town not a suburb and I'm excited.

While working for a design consulting business, I said I'd never work for a big corporation. I did. For 7 years.

I never thought I'd suffer from infertility, I did and am now thankful because that experience has made me a better parent.  I thought I would never be a stay at home Mom because I'm not cut out for it, now I am and can't imagine working away from home.  I never wanted to breastfeed, but I did and I am.  (First set of twins 14 months, second set TBD.)    I never thought I'd own a mini-van, but I do (this was hard for me to accept) but its necessary for a mom of 4. 

I never wanted twins but got them, twice. {thank you god for blessing me with them}

I used to have closets full of shoes, purses, and beautiful clothes. Now, I have a sparse closet with diaper bags, flip flops, flats, and mostly baby stained clothes.  My kids have the closets full of beautiful clothes.

One of my favorite quotes is "It's not the destination, it's the journey!"  My life has been an incredible journey so far and I am looking forward to where it takes me while enjoying every minute. [well...maybe not the minute like a few days ago when 2 babies were crying, 1 child was in hysterics and 1 child and 1 husband were trying to talk to me loudly over the crying and I felt like shouting "callgon take me away!" but in all the others.]

:: What have you done that you thought you wouldn't? ::


Heather said...

I can relate to many of these things (well, not the sets of twins, but the other stuff). Never thought I'd want to stay home, never thought I'd stay in MN, never thought I'd want 3 kids or to want to nurse babies. Even the hard bits I'm thankful for...cuz when these kids leave I'm going to miss them.

Jules said...

There are moments when I look around and utter, "how did I get here?" but I wouldn't change it....ever.