Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Laminated Laundry Cards

In a house with 3 boys (plus a husband and a dog), we have a lot of laundry.  Mind you, this is not my favorite task.  Although I actually enjoy putting the clothes into the washer, watching it do what was previously considered 'women's work,' I am no fan of folding.  We got to a point where Mt. Laundry was almost insurmountable.  And then I realized:  these people can help.

Folding lessons came first.  Now, if you are a neat freak, this is not a good option for you.  It is quite evident to anyone who cares that my boys fold their own clothes.  The way I look at it, wrinkles on kids' clothing is the least of my worries.

Next we discussed sorting the loads.  I am very big on sorting, especially by weight.  Please do not put towels and t-shirts in the same load.  Or boxers and sweatshirts.  Fabric weight, children--pay attention!  And color, of course.

Finally, I rearranged the laundry room so the older two boys (around 8 & 10 at the time) could reach the laundry soap.  As I did a load myself, I wrote down precise instructions for washing, then drying the clothes.  How much soap?  Where do the dials go?  Don't forget softener!  I printed them out 1-2-3, laminated them, and posted them above the washer and dryer.

As a result, I can now say, in my nicest of mom voices, "Would you please go get a light color, lightweight load of clothes and put them in the washer?"  Easy peasy.  Into the dryer, into their baskets for folding, and we're all set.

And of course they do it all with a smile.


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Heather said...

Oooo. I dream of the day I can get my kids to put away their own clothes. My oldest is getting close!