Monday, June 14, 2010


Is a process. It doesn't matter the product, but it is what is learned along the way. Drew is in process of learning baseball technique, and it is gorgeous to watch. He works hard at catching, batting, and learning the rules of the game. Attention spans deter him, but over all, he is focused and wants to get better.

We, Randy and I are important to his creation. We support, get him the tools he needs, and encourage him to keep going when frustration gets the best of him. We remind him it is a game to be enjoyed first, practiced to get better second.

I also see a new piece of my process as I set up my lawn chair between two other moms. We cheer, we watch, we talk, we laugh, and we support. This marks my beginning as a sports mom, and I wasn't sure about the role, but I find it fits me well. I like the independence of the boys, and I look forward to their growth and development, but I still love when they charge into my lap for hugs, reassurance, love, or giggles.

So we create, we shift and change, and look forward to the next step, but not the end because, well, because the end isn't truly there until it is, and then we'll know. And until then we are made to discover, create, and refine.