Monday, May 3, 2010

Lessons from Little Dude...

On April 9th, my position was eliminated, closing one chapter in my life and beginning another one. Since that time, I have been working hard at finding a new job, and starting our own business with my wife. And... I have been taking lessons.

As I have mentioned before, I have a little guy who is 20 months old... and with me being home more often during the day I have learned a lot from him. I thought I would share those lessons as it was a good reminder for me... so here are my lessons as learned from the Little Dude...

  • Splash in the puddles... they are sure to bring squeals of delight and reminders of simpler times when we could be carefree.
  • Stop and look at the bugs, poke your hands in the dirt and turn over leaves.
  • Explore the world with wide open curiosity and awe... saw a sunset last night that was beautiful, a rainbow on Friday and a gazillion cool things in between
  • Give hugs often... and kiss back with passion.
  • Roll on the floor with toys and make sounds that are funny, and laugh.
  • Show appreciation for food that is good - nothing like "yum" sung loudly while enjoying pancakes.
  • Sing - whether you know the words or not - just sing along and enjoy it.
  • Naps - ah naps. (Not that I have had a lot of time for these).
  • When walking in the woods - find a stick. It can be your magic wand, walking stick, noisemaker, and picture drawer. What a great tool....
  • If you don't like your clothes, get rid of them. There are more comfortable ones in the drawer.
  • Laugh like you mean it... from the belly.
This is the short list of the many things he has reminded me of. To have that child like innocence and ability to look at the world through his eyes has been engaging, delightful and relaxing. These times could be extremely stressful, instead I am finding peace and enjoyment in the process. What a blessing to have the family I have and the opportunity to learn again...


Heather said...

I agree completely with those lessons!

Jules said...

I love these! Especially belly laughing. Belly laughing is good!