Friday, May 14, 2010

Homemade Baby Food

If you've read my posts before, then you know I don't like to cook.  Being a family of 6, I do it, but I don't like it.  What I do like tho, is pureeing baby food! 

With my first 2 kids I stumbled upon this book from fresh baby the recipes are basic and super easy. I was sold and soon, my freezer was full of assorted frozen baby food cubes.
You can purchase their trays or just use your own ice cube trays. I used both.  My main reason 5 years ago for making my own baby food was to save money.  Feeding 2 babies can get expensive and I couldn't save on daycare.  I also loved that there weren't any preservatives, added sugars, just o'naturale. 

I'm doing it again with my new babies to save money, be more healthful, and less wasteful. Now in the height of the green revolution, I was way ahead of my game and I didn't know it. 

Here is what their website says about making your own baby food - So Green!
"Making baby food is a great gift to give the environment and your baby. Consider the GREEN facts: 
ORGANIC - Organic fruits and vegetables are the best choice for making baby food. They are the most natural ingredients and organic foods drastically reduce harm to the environment. 
LESS WASTE - When you make your own baby food, there are no jars, labels or metal lids to dispose or to recycle. 
NO FACTORY REQUIRED - Just a little energy to steam foods and run a blender is all you need to make your baby's meals! Did someone say near 'zero' greenhouse gases? 
LOCAL - Your baby's food does not need to trucked to you from a factory thousands of miles away. Instead you can simply buy organic produce from your local farm market and get started.
HEALTHY - Homemade baby food is safe & nutritious. Baby food jars are often lined with Bisphenol-A, a controversial hormone disruptor that should be avoided. In addition, homemade baby food has no preservatives, additives, or chemicals - it is pure and natural goodness.

If you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint making organic baby food is a great way to go. Plus homemade baby food tastes great. Who knows? Your baby may grow up to love brussels sprouts and mangoes! "
For bigger kids::
Pureed food are an excellent way to sneak extra fruits and veggies into your meals for older kids, they'll have no idea!  Oh and I pop a few frozen apple cubes into a bowl, thaw and they have applesauce.  Easy as pie! That has me thinking of my next food post...easy pie...


Jules said...

I did this for both boys, and still do here and there for Owen - he is a stickler for the veggies :)


Heather said...

I made a lot of baby food for my son. My oldest didn't eat baby food long, and my youngest never ate baby food. She went from strictly nursing to eating what we ate.