Monday, January 25, 2010

work at home

i'm a work at home mom, i own a stationery company and i have 4 young children a dream come true. working at home has it's pros and cons though. my main pro is that i get to be home with my 4 amazing children, be there when they wake up, be there when they go to bed and be there everywhere in between. my main con is that i live where i work. which can be hard to separate & can be hard to fit in any length of work time during daylight hours.

on days when my mom isn't here helping, if i have work to get done, i head to the office when the babies are napping and the big kids are playing. sometimes, i am summoned to see their creations like this...
dinosaur land...almost the entire herd heading somewhere and staged just perfectly. while my heart usually skips a beat at seeing the mess, i'm truly amazed at the thought, care and imagination that went into placing each dinosaur or toy and the fact that i was able to get an hour of uninterrupted work. so i show my enthusiasm while they show me around and tell me all about dinosaur land.


Heather said...

I usually end up doing all my work at night after the kids are in bed. Makes for some very late nights sometimes!

Stelie Designs said...

Me too, which is hard when my kids are up at 5am and not all my kids sleep thru the night either.