Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ten Favorite Grown-Up Authors

10 Favorite Authors

  1. Maeve Binchy- My favorite book was Circle of Friends.
  2. Anita Shreve - I don't think I've disliked any of her books.
  3. Jodi Picoult - Her books are somewhat predictable for me, but still good.
  4. LaVeryle Spencer - It's romance, what many would consider fluff but I enjoyed it during and after college when I needed something less than intense to read. Also she's a Minnesota author. I think Spring Fancy was my favorite.
  5. Nora Roberts - More of what many would consider fluff, but really took me through that transition from reading textbooks to reading other novels that made me think.
  6. Tami Hoag - Another author with Minnesota ties. I have two autographed hardcover copies of two of her books. She writes more murder mystery style with a little romance thrown in.
  7. Wally Lamb - Really interesting stories...not the norm, yet compelling stories.
  8. Steven King - I don't know who could dispute that he isn't a great writer. Perhaps not the most intellectual, but for his genre he's superior.
  9. J.K. Rowling - Who doesn't love Harry and friends?
  10. So I lied. I can only recommend 9 today. Maybe you have one to add to my list?

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Jules said...

I love me some Harry :)