Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Stink

Seriously? One of the best books for boys who love machines of all kinds. Both my boys (6 and 3) LOVE this book. They love to say, "You think I stink? whooooo-eeeeee do I ever! No skunk ever stunk this bad! But go on, think about it, without me? You're on mount TRASH-O-RAMA baby!"

It is a great stocking stuffer, a great read, and a great way to get kids to realize that their garbage has to go somewhere.

We read this after watching Wall-e one night and Drew said, 'Wow, mom. We make a lot of garbage. Why don't we recycle more?"

Good question from the 6 yo. He is pretty adamant about using our reusable bags at the grocery store, putting his trash in the garbage, but thinking about whether or not it can be recyled. If it can, it goes in recycling. Case in point, I said, "Hey, can you go put this in the garbage?" and handed him some old papers from his backpack. He responded, "No mommy, these are RECYCLABLE!" as if I was both deaf and stupid.

So I Stink is a fun and fast read perfect for those enviornmentally conscious kids in your life.

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Heather said...

We have this book too and my kids think it is hilarious. (read with goofy voices of course!)