Saturday, February 14, 2009

What Not to Do on Valentine's Day

1) Decide to make an electronics purchase at Best Buy.
2) Plan to make said purchase at Mall of America store, in order to earn free amusement park wristbands with MOA purchase.
3) Take husband and four children to Mall of America. On a Saturday afternoon. Which just happens to be Valentine's Day.
4) Spend 30 minutes entering parking ramp and finding spot to park.
5) Wait 10 minutes for elevator that never comes. Walk down stairs instead.
6) Enter Mall of America, see sign at entrance advertising Best Buy on east side, 1st floor.
7) Make way through mobs of people to that location, holding tightly to hands of all children.
8) Find that 1st floor east side is Best Buy MOBILE, not full store.
9) Retrace steps, searching for mall directory.
10) Proceed through center of amusement park to actual Best Buy location on west side, 3rd floor.
11) Find Best Buy. Find items you're interested in. Find that after a day of being turned on, there's not enough power left to actually see the items in action. Leave Best Buy unhappily.
12) Tell kids that a future trip to the amusement park is no longer in their future. Tell husband he should be happy that you just saved a lot of money because of bad Best Buy experience.
13) Spend 30 minutes attempting to exit parking ramp.
14) Be thankful you didn't lose any kids along the way.

(We did go on to have a nice family dinner afterward and some other fun during the day, so all was not lost.)

Hope your Valentine's Day was happy!

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