Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Claims to Fame

Last week, Jason deRusha from WCCO-TV was sitting in for Don Shelby on the WCCO-AM afternoon show with Jeff McKinney. Their topic? Twitter. deRusha announced his stint on twitter, and I replied to him online. Listening to the stream a few minutes later, I heard my "tweet" read on the air: "minnemom" says . . .

It was oddly, strangely, exciting to have my less-than-140-characters message read aloud on the radio. Sure, no one really knows who "minnemom" is, so it's not like anyone would come up to me later and say "I heard your tweet on the radio." Plus about 0% of the people I know have even heard of twitter. And most of my twitter followers have never heard WCCO. So why was it so fun to hear my message on the air?

I'm not usually someone who ooohs and aaahs over celebrities. The way I see it, we're all people, and no one's better than another just because they have a job that puts them in the spotlight. Still, brushes with fame are memorable. I shook hands with Colin Powell in high school. I was on the White House lawn when President Bush (the first one) walked out to his helicopter and gave a wave before taking off. Those are memorable moments in my life.

What is it that makes famous people so intriguing, and brushes with fame so memorable?

Have you had any close encounters with famous people, or moments in the spotlight?


twiddlestix said...

Hey that's pretty cool! ;)

Heather T said...

I called a local radio station when I was in middle school during the daily morning show trivia contest. I got the wrong answer, but they put me on the air. It was one of the weirdest things I experienced as a kid.

Heather said...

President Bush 41 came to my high school when I was a senior. That was pretty cool. Other than that I've seen famous people and I still get a little rush about it for whatever reason.

Of course I get the biggest rush seeing my byline in print...or seeing my kids on TV.