Tuesday, November 4, 2008

what are you reading?

I decided to check my calendar today to see when my next MWP blog post was...and there I saw it - Thursday October 30th!

I think I missed that one, don't you? That was trick or treat day here and we had a great time with our kids, but now I just wish the candy would GO AWAY. Anyone else tired of hearing "Can I have a piece of candy?" I know I am!

So, to get myself back on track here, I was wondering - what are you reading? Now that fall is here and winter is right around the corner, I am looking for some ideas on what to read. I have read 2 of the Twilight series so far, and I always love anything by Jodi Picoult. What about you? Do you have any recommendations?

I am also thinking about reading some of my favorite children's chapter/series books with my kids. Yes, I know I should have started this already with Kaden, but I was a girly girl and loved books that I do think he would have much of an interest in. I want to get Ellie part (or all) of the Little House series. I grew up both watching the show and reading about Laura Ingalls & her family and would love to share it with my girls.

So share with me - what are you reading (either alone or with your kids)?


Heather said...

My daughter and I read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Stuart Little together, among others.

I haven't readd much myself lately. Been too busy writing!

TripLLLe said...

My mom used to read The Secret Garden to me, little by little, at night

susiej said...

We are reading the Wind and the Willows; soon moving to the Christmas edition. Lovely, lovely.

We're also suddenly into Olivia books.

I'm reading Stealing Athena, luscious and so good, historical fiction. I just finished Mozart's Ghost, and Loving Frank.