Monday, March 17, 2008

Show Us Your World! #1

We're starting a new feature here at Midwest Parents! We're going to show you ours, then we'd like to see yours too. Er, your world that is. Post pictures on your blog of your world. Interpret the theme however you want to. Focus on your city, your state, your home, your favorite things...whatever you want. Then come back here and leave us a comment with the link to your post. We'll publish a list and link to every post that we know about on the second friday after our post here. (So the first linky list will be published here on Friday, March 28.) You'll have plenty of time to get out and get those photos!

So here's my (Heather's) first look at my world. I went with the city route for my first installment.

Anyone who has been to Rochester knows this:

If you haven't been here, those are two of the building that comprise the Mayo Medical Center. (Or, the Mayo Clinic.)

And this:

What? You don't have a giant ear of corn in your city? That's a water tower located at the Libby's plant in downtown Rochester.

This is a mural that I saw every day at lunch when I worked downtown. In fact, I was able to watch them paint it. It's on the back of one of the radio stations. Hence, the radio. Makes sense, n'est-ce pas?
And...the local convent. I'm not sure how many nuns are still around, but we still have a rather large convent on a hill in the middle of the city.
And last, Silver Lake. Or, goose poop central. Home of many, many wintering Canada Geese.

So, that's my city. I showed you let's see yours.


Karen said...

I will admit that when I came from Manhattan to Rochester MN to buy a house for the duration of his fellowship at Mayo, I cried when I saw the corn tower.

They were not tears of joy.

But I learned my lesson, oh yes I did.

Chelsea said...

Several nuns must still be there, I almost got to do my nursing assistant clinical there. There garden also is across the street from where I work, I see a couple of them out working during the summer.

angi said...

This is such a fun idea :)
I'll have to get some pictures up in the next few days!

susiej said...

I LOVE that water tower.

chelle said...

What a beautiful place to live!
Great idea!