Monday, March 17, 2008

Show Us Your World! #2

The insightful Heather chose this month's Midwest Parent's theme as Show Us Your World, for many of our premiere blog post.

When we chose our current house, the ability to walk to school, library and parks was critical. We found a neighborhood that delivered, along with an awesome school, within a two-block walking distance to our house.
Our chosen suburb consists of older homes, where my Father rightly says "the houses are just too close together." But let me say that again... my kids walk to school; there are no buses for anyone in our neighborhood that attends this school. The Middle School is in the next block, still within walking distance, and is also the location of our city outdoor pool.

This is our backyard, complete with "boy" activities, which I can see plainly from my kitchen windows.
Admittedly, there are times when I would just rather not know what they're doing.

Down the street a bit is a beautiful water fountain, which is great for the kids, yet awful for the city, whenever someone fills this fountain with soap.
This setting is gorgeous in the Spring. The street is lined with Bradford Pears that bloom in white, all at the same time. Doing this post has prompted me to take a picture of the spectacle this year.

Driving a little further away from home, you can see that, like all Midwestern Towns, we also have our share of corn sculptures.
In the summer, when school is done, we'll load the car for the second year and head to our lakehouse, just 3 hours away. There, we have the big yard that's missing in the suburbs.

Now, I invite you to jump in the car with us, as we make out trip to the lake.


Heather said...

What's up with the corncob stonehenge?

I love the park photos then and now. Priceless.

angi said...

This video made me cry. Yes, I am sick, tired & a little emotional, but it was like watching my life. Both my Mom & Dad have places at the lake and we drive up most weekends in the summer. This looked just like our drive.

I love the picture of the boys then & now too, very cute :)

Kirsetin said...

You ought to be in I want to move to your town, send my boys to your school, and definitely let them run wild in your backyard.

Thanks for sharing. I love seeing that there are great places everywhere.

Anonymous said...

Dude.... so I'm not really Midwestern enough if I don't have big stone corncobs in my neighborhood? Darn! :-)

In all seriousness, thank you for posting the two pictures of your sons at the park. That literally took my breath for a moment. What a sweet memory those pictures capture!

Awesome SUYW post!