Monday, March 24, 2008


It is all her fault. All my best friend's fault.

She has this (funny) habit of substituting fictional names for people, and most of them start because of a match to a personality trait. For example, she would call you Winona if you were being whiny. She has also been know to call people Fancy when they are acting what you might call "high maintenance". When I want to hit Tim Horton's for a cappuchino, I become a celebrity, and she calls me Britney (as in Spears).

Somehow, once I started having children, I started following in her silly footsteps.

Each of our children has nicknames, but Ava's nickname came from Holly's strange habit. Ava was such a grouchy, high maintenance baby. One day, I said I should call her Fifi ~ which reminded me of a little fancy pampered princess. I then added a last name for my fancy Fifi, and she became Fifi Magnolia. I felt that it did not get much more ridiculous than a little picky girl named Fifi Magnolia :)

Over time, her nickname became a mouthful, and it has started to get shorter & shorter. Ava's nickname has now become...(this is embarrassing for both her & I)...Feefer Mags!

I've realized now, I no longer just use her nickname when she is acting like a Fifi, but more & more all the time. My poor baby. She has such a beautiful given name, yet I call her (oh so lovingly) my little Feefer Mags.

Do you have strange nicknames for your kids too? Humor me & post them here, would you? Make me feel as if I am not a complete weirdo when it comes to the names we use here in our house.

Just in case you were wondering, all of the kids do have other names too. Some are not near as strange as Ava's, but everyone here has at least one nickname:

Kaden ~ Bubba (used to be baby Buddha)

Ellie ~ Sis, sissy-boo, fancy

Zander ~ cooper or coopy, booverton or booverty, boopy (but is getting VERY particular about being called ZANDER COLE JONES!!!)

Ava ~ feefer mags, fifi maggie, mags, Avers, Aves or Aver-boo

*please forgive the spelling problems, I can not seem to get it to save my changes. Bear with me while I learn to use blogger :)


Karen said...

My kids have formal given names that we NEVER use. They don't even recognize that their names are Elisabeth and Theodore. They are Lizzy and Teddy, but they also have sillier sub-nicknames.

Lizzy is Lizzy McLoodles. When she was a baby she was always Poopsie.

Teddy is T-Bear or Bubbers,

angi said...

I love Lizzy McLoodles :) Too cute!

Michelle said...

Hee! Feefer Mags, I love it!

My husband calls our son Buddha (but he also nicknames the cats that, so...). I call him Smooch (which is how he got his online psuedonym) and Bud. Not very funny or imaginative, but I'm really not a nickname-y person. We actually picked his given name because it doesn't lend itself easily to a nickname.

Still... now I'm wondering if I should make up something outrageous, just to tease him with later. Stinky McDinkerdoo? Bubba Migillicuddy? Sugar Boogerpants?

Heather said...

My daughter was Turkey until recently when she told me that the name is no longer acceptable. If I want to call her a nickname I've been told "Babydoll" is the only one I may use.

K is "K man" or "Buster Brown" which occasionally morphs into "Buster Poindexter" or "Busta Rhymes."

Love Ava's nickname!

susiej said...

My son nicknamed himself "Gin Gin" and his brother "Ruri," when he was four. However, it never stuck.

I wish we had more nicknames!

Anonymous said...

My oldest is doodles, or sometimes doo-doo. It started as doodlebug, but frankly we're too lazy to say that, so we shortened it. Punkin is a big one here, for both Sunny and Trout, Little Man is buddy, or sometimes buddy-roe, and Nemo is booper. I do sometimes call them by their online names, especially Sunny or sometimes sunshine. It's a wonder they know what their actual names are.

Minnesota Momma said...

Funny names!

Yes, we have some here too. I've always called Lindsey & Sydney...Lindsey Lou and Sydney Sue. And yes, at one point or another, they have thought that those were their real names! LOL!

Mostly they are just Linds & Syd. Although, Sydney sometimes is called: Sydney, Sydney, Cocoa Pop...and she's got a nice little jingle to go along with it!

And then Lindsey sometimes goes by Lindsey Lucy Goosey. Of course, then we keep trying to rhyming names to go with it!'s all in good fun, right?