Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Keep Your Kids Shoes in Check

Shoes should not be a problem at our house.

I'm the only girl here, which means our equation is:
# of shoes mom owns = # of shoes all 4 boys own + a few more if we're counting flip flops

I mean flip flops don't really count, do they?

Nonetheless, we have shoe issues.  Each boys owns 1 pair of tennis shoes, 1 pair of loafer-type shoes, and 1 pair of boots.  Plus, they each have eighty-five pairs of sporting goods shoes since apparently every sport requires a different type of cleat.  And basketball shoes, which, thankfully, require no cleats.  Also, they need some sort of cool sandal to wear to the sporting event, because you would never want to show up in your game shoes, ready to go.  Duh.

If your house even slightly resembles mine, you will recognize this frequent conversation.

5  minutes before it's time to leave:

Kid:  "Mom, where are my shoes?"

Me:  "Are they in the shoe closet?"

Kid:  "No.  Mooom, where are they?  I need them."

Me:  "Gee, honey, I haven't worn them lately."

I am actually considering just recording this whole thing and hitting "play" when it starts, so I can leave the room and get a much needed diet Pepsi.

To help our growing offspring get a clue in life--and get themselves organized--we got crafty.

First, we ripped the old bifold doors off of the "shoe (and coat) closet."

Then, we ripped out the nasty old linoleum, and started working.

We could've just stuck with a nice new linoleum, but I find that setting tile is a wonderful way to enrich your marriage.  Try it sometime, you'll see.

Next, we drew dimensions, cut and painted wood, and got out one of my very favorite tools, the nail blaster.  (Pretty sure that's not the official name, but I think you know what I mean.)

The final touch was adding those baskets.  The SHOE baskets.  The ones you PUT YOUR SHOES IN the minute you take them off.  Theoretically.  

The good news:  We have the "Where are my shoes" conversation about 90% less often.  

The bad news:  Have you ever smelled a basket of boys' shoes?

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Heather said...

I am supremely jealous right now.