Thursday, February 3, 2011

About our story

Don Miller's A Million Miles in a Thousand Years changed my perspective on life. I won't go as far to say "life changing" but pretty darn close. He challenges us to live a life that is story worthy - screenplay worthy. He introduces us to people, real, "life"people, who are living screenplay worthy lives, not because they want a movie, but because they want life - true, passion-filled life. They desire life so much that they make their purpose, instead of waiting for it. They reach for goals that are well out of their reach fully aware of the struggles that will ensue. They face those struggles with hope and confidence, because they know a story without struggle is no story at all.

Miller tackles our fear of living full on as he faces his own fears and inadequacies, He says, "fear is a manipulative emotion that can trick us into living a boring life." and "...once you live a good story, you get a taste for a kind of meaning in life, and you can't go back to being normal; you can't go back to meaningless scenes stitched together by the forgettable thread of wasted time."

Miller is a Christian, I don't know if you remember, but he gave the DNC prayer, so be ready for some God talk in there - the nice thing is that it isn't over the top, it isn't ridiculously right or left, it just is. It is one guy who, humbly, is working through this world and finding his best life.

This read made me consider how I live, how I talk to others, how I parent, how I work, and how I dream. It is, very much, worth checking out.

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