Friday, November 12, 2010

isn't it funny

i had this whole post planned for today about the importance of thought and reform. i had this whole post planned for education and love. i had this whole whole post about kids and reading and advocating.

but now i blog from my phone in the waiting room to see if owen's four fever in seven weeks means anything. i sit in the waiting room in the wake of my grandfather's death last night. i sit in the mix of my bad mechanics and phone typing with the judgment of others looming as my son plays a ds and i am seemingly texting...

isn't it funny what life doles out in the middle of a great post?


Heather said...

Oh Julie. I am late with my reading and condolances. Wow. Last week was really tough for many of my friends. This makes 4 deaths that I know of for friends' families. Dislike for sure.

Also this fall has been really bad for many of us I think. Scares me to think about the winter.

Hip Mom's Guide said...


I, too, am behind on my reading and share Heather's condolences. Isn't it sad that in the midst of the worry and pain, you also worried about the judgement of others? I hope, instead, you experienced kindness and empathy. Let us know if Owen's okay.