Thursday, November 11, 2010

A day

I was posed the question, what would you do with an entire day without commitments, without others, without pressure?

My logical side said, Clean the house, get the junk out, decorate the bare walls, paint the boys' rooms, get my life in order.

My playful side said, with a glint in her eye, oooohhhhhhhhh, if it was in the winter, I'd fly to Colorado and snowboard all day long. Run after run of sheer dry powdery bliss. Or maybe I'd go to the scrapbook store, find a new inspiration and create, create, create. If it was sunny outside and warm, I'd go for a run and then a coffee in the sunshine while reading the paper. I'd go listen to the water move in the creek. I'd go see a movie, just because. I'd go for a hike, explore a new downtown. I'd be...

I'd be.

I'm looking for time to do both the logical and the playful because I'm drowning in a sea of too much. While I come up for air and look around, I wonder if there is a way to work both into a week? Right now, it seems like all or nothing and really, my mind is believing it so...I wish for a little play and logic in each day, but it seems like my organizational skills cannot produce more hours in a day...which lends itself to another question...

what gives?

So now I ponder that question as I fix a toy, answer a homework problem, make dinner, clean up after dinner, pack lunches for the next day, grade papers, get the gym bag ready for tomorrow morning, run errands, make a grocery list, and, uh, breathe.


Heather said...

I get this.

Hip Mom's Guide said...

I'm so right there with you.

I'd head to the Pacific Ocean, climb a rock, and watch the waves. Solitary. Peaceful. It's the opposite of where I am right now.