Friday, October 10, 2008

Tea With Two

The Cough is undeniably back. After a night of zero sleep, we called the ENT's office in a panic, only to be told that the wait to be seen was three weeks. Uh, no. I am not waiting three weeks to sleep. I called in from work in the hopes of getting her in, somewhere, for the obligatory dose of meds. Luckily, we got in with the pediatrician today.

Funk and I waited at home for her 11am appointment-- there was no point in taking her to school, only to pick her up, and then drop her off again (even though I was completely coveting a nap.) So we got ready for our day, and I had my mind set on everything I could accomplish. I could do some laundry! I could run the vaccuum! We could run out to get some maternity underwear!

Since the kids and I had spent a fair amount of last night cleaning up the toys strewn all. over. my. house, I really didn't want Funk to get anything out. I relegated her to playing in her room, so that I could get things done throughout the house without dodging random princess shoes and purses.

As I busied myself loads of laundry, Funk dumped her plastic tea set all over her room. Man, I was frustrated. I thought to myself, "I just cleaned in there! I didn't even get a chance to vacuum! Agh!" I was gathering breath to say as much.

Then she looked up at me, all blue eyes and cuteness, and said, "Momma, would you cay-a for some tea?"

Of course.

Of course I would love to have tea with you, my dear. While you still want to have tea with me. While I have a rare moment alone with you, my middle, my girl. While my house sits dusty (and to be honest, a little smelly.)

Of course I will smile as you pour me a cup of imaginary hospitality. While you cut me a loaf of your famous "keenie bread." While you chastise me about picking up my saucer with my cup. While you ask me about my "phenomena day."

This day, this moment, it is "phenomena."

And as always, it passes entirely too quickly.

When we finally got to our appointment, our doctor diagnosed Funk with yet another sinus infection. Without ever looking in her nose or mouth. I finally had to ASK her to look in there, because I just didn't think it was a good idea to be handing out antibiotics based on the mother's assertions. (Yes, I told her I thought it was a sinus infection, and I was pretty sure that's what it was, but since I'm not, like, a doctor, I think it's probably a good idea for her to work for that co-pay, no?)

We shared lunch at McDonald's; a rare treat for Funk, a necessary time saver for me (I was trying to get back to work.) Halfway through the meal, she began clutching at her stomach.

"My tummy hurts, momma. I don't think I can go see my friends today. I'll go to work with you."

It was transparent, her ploy. But sadly, I do not have time for tea. I have appointments booked up to next week, and so she had to return to school.

Keep the tea hot for me, my girl. That time is coming soon.


Yes, this was posted on my blog, too. Somehow I messed up posting it here when it was supposed to be. This baby is eating my brain.


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

A little girl asking her mama to have tea ... how sweet! I hope her sinus infection clears up soon.

Kathie said...

My five are grown and gone, but how well I remember those tea parties. Precious memories. Hope she is feeling much better and that you can get some sleep.

Heather said...

Darn and they don't give the brains back either.