Thursday, October 16, 2008

I will, I will!

I really am not the type of Mom that jumps at the chance to sign up for everything at my kids school. Really, I'm not.

Yes, I like to go on field trips and bring in treats on party days. Yes, I like to be at the class parties to take pictures and help out, but I've never been the one in charge (and never really cared to be).

Until today.

My daughter's teacher was in need of help this year. She was looking for *gasp* a room Mother, and because I was one of only THREE parents (out of 20) that volunteered some sort of help, she asked me to do the job. Room Mother. That is now me, and I am now organizing the Halloween/Harvest party. But wait! There is more. I was one of TWO parents that said they would like to help with field trips, and the other one is now a working Mom, which means...yes, that is now me too :)

However, I already told her that I had scheduled to go with Zander to his preschool pumpkin patch trip tomorrow so was unable to make Ellie's trip tomorrow. Today she informed me that she has NO parents going on Ellie's field trip for tomorrow, and she will be all alone.

So, I bet you can guess who will be going on TWO field trips tomorrow? Two different pumpkin patch trips in one day, of course, in different cities. I will be leaving the house at 8:30 tomorrow morning and coming home some time around 3:30ish. Three packed sack lunches, weather checked, clothes for four laid out, sitter lined up, diaper bag packed, gas in car, maps planned out, camera packed....

Wait! Did I sign up for this? Yes, I am afraid I did :)

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Alex Elliot said...

Good for you! I sign up for a lot of those things too. I've been on three apple picking field although each has been a separate year. Not room mother yet though! I figure I can do that with my younger one so that I have some idea of what I'm doing.

Heather said...

You're such a good mom Angi!

I have found myself in similar situations.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Wow. You go above and beyond!

Kathie said...

Sounds like fun. Blessings from Costa Rica