Thursday, July 24, 2008!

I believe that I may be breaking a blog rule here. Didn't I read somewhere that it was against the rules to blog negatively about your significant other? No? Well good, because here goes...

Why do men find it impossible to stick to a bedtime routine? Seriously, an almost SEVEN year old should NOT need to lay with someone every night.

Why can men tell the kids to do something ONE time and said kids do it, with no whining bickering pleading? And why can't that dad see how easy that is and ask the kids to do more things, more often for the Mother?

Why do men feel the need to get the kids all crazed late at night, then fall asleep minutes later on the couch leaving the mom to do all of the bedtime work?

Why do men (or at least mine) STILL leave dirty socks on the floor?

Why is it SO hard to just kiss the kids and then leave? DO NOT linger, it makes your leaving that much worse for them (and you).

Why do men always get to be the superhero? I want some Momma appreciation here too, you know?

Can you tell I am a little aggravated this morning? Can you tell that my hubby has been away and working long hours, so when he is here, he is giving in to the kids way too often? Can you tell that I am feeling that he is lucky that we are all going away this weekend? Otherwise, I think I would be running away from home this weekend. No kids, and definetly NO HUSBAND! Grrrr....


Heather said...

i think we all have things that drive us insane that our significant others do. Except my husband, of course, because I don't do anything irritating.

Enjoy your getaway!

Kathie said...

Our 5 are grown and gone now. But, oh, do I remember those days (and nights). I always felt like we were playing good cop/bad cop. And guess who was always the bad cop!?

Blessings from Costa Rica