Thursday, July 3, 2008

Nights of endless fireworks

We’re here at the lake, expecting the arrival of some of our first friends of the season. We’re painting the screened porch an awesome bluish green, and the kids are organizing the boat decorations I bought for the “boat parade.” Our first. The parade route is two laps around the lake at low speed, followed by two laps at high speeds. The kids are overjoyed that yes, tubing is allowed during the parade. Flares are sold for $2 a piece to light what they traditionally called, “The Ring of Fire” around the lake.

My kids miss our “block party” back home. (Why?!) So, I’m happy to report that there will be a “lake party” this year, complete with a band.

Rain was constant last night, with wind so stong it took our fishing boat for a ride out by itself during the storm. Dave and my oldest son rescued the boat with the canoe and a flashlight; in-between lighting storms.

Today, there is boating despite high water levels. Today the sky is a dreary gray, a chilly 61 degrees, and the boys have been busy with their new friend who likes to crawl up our screen.

With our friends, we’re planning a trip to the local German winery for Saturday, and letting whatever else comes up to just present itself. With the weather, things are always unpredictable here anyway.

Still, the best part about the fourt on the lake, besides the fresh black raspberries, is the abundance of fireworks. I love fireworks. Every night from tonight on to the next ten days, someone on the lake will have visitors. There is a large barn, just off the exit to the lake that sells fireworks. Visitors can’t resist this spot. All of us around the lake have the benefit of watching the show, never knowing exactly who the provider of the night actually might be.

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Heather said...

Aaaand I'm ready to go back to the lake on vacation.

Happy 4th tomorrow! My in-laws live on a lake in the summer time and they have had boat parades there too. We've never been motivated enough to participate though.