Monday, October 18, 2010

Whose Brainstorm was Driving Permits at 14?

As a parent, I'm all for giving kids responsibility.  Teach them to cook, to clean, to make their beds, and sure, mow the lawn, too--good ideas.  I'm also big on practice--the more we do something, the better we (potentially) get at it.

But, really?  My kid will begin learning to drive before he even turns 15?  Yep, kids in Michigan begin driver training at 14 yrs, 9mos.

I'm thinking of moving to New Jersey.  Those poor kids can't get a real license until they turn 18, so who cares when they start practicing?  The first time they'll be behind the wheel by themselves, they'll be on their way to register to vote.  I'll bet the candidate who suggests changing that law will win in a youth-generated landslide!

Parent supervision, more practice, lots of hours, blah, blah.  I understand the rationale, people.  It's the practical application I'm having trouble with.

Because, see, it's my kid.

And I simply cannot fathom that he will be old enough to get into a car and drive it.  I'm still getting used to him riding shotgun.  Where has the time gone?

photo credit:  Ray Devlin

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Heather T said...

Oh, I am so with you! When 14 and 9 months rolled around for my daughter, she had been in high school all of 1 month. No way was I going to go through all the hassle of her getting her permit at that point. She was 15 1/2 before she got it. Now she's almost 17 and she still hasn't gotten her 50 required driving hours to get her license in Michigan.

My husband and I just agreed long before our kids got the high school that no kid of ours was going to drive at a younger age than either of us did!