Thursday, April 2, 2009

10 Exciting Things About Spring in the Midwest

  1. 49º = Balmy weather & happy people.
  2. Neighbors emerge.
  3. No more boots or snowpants (usually).
  4. The lake starts calling.
  5. Daffodils.
  6. Outdoor sports. (Fresh air!)
  7. Pedicures.
  8. Green, not gray.
  9. Sunshine.
  10. Beautiful, bright mornings.


Heather T said...

Oh my, yes. I have to stop every morning now on my way to work and check to see how much new growth is on every tree and bush. Every the seeds in the window sill have finally all sprung to life. YEAAAAA!!!!

angi said...
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angi said...

open windows - I LOVE the fresh air!

Heather said...

I don't think it has arrived in Minnesota yet. Sigh. Now I'm all jealous.

Confessions of a Mom said...

Great List!
My Personal Addendum
1. 59* = catching my kids and the neighbor kids running in the yard in swimsuits (true story)
2. Snakes emerge
3. Can't make kids wear coats to school, even though it's 31* some mornings.
4. Watch at least one fish house fall through the ice every year (you'd think they'd learn)
5. More snakes emerge
6. Bikes litter the lawn instead of sleds and snowboards
7. Dog tracks in mud by the pound
8. Write large check to Park and Rec for summer programs
9. Realize how dirty our screens are on our windows and vow to clean them. Later.
10. Crap. What am I going to get my mom for Mother's Day?

Hip Mom's Guide said...

Confessions - I love your list. You had me laughing all the way through. Happy Spring!