Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Elegant Tar-shjay Boo-tique

I’d like to say that I shop at Target because I’m supporting my state’s economy. I’m not sure how all that stuff works though when stores go national when they started in one state (which, I suppose is how they all have to start, right?) do they still pay state taxes to Minnesota or do they pay taxes in every state? Ah, who am I kidding? I really don’t care.

I shop at Target because it is a mere 3-minute drive from my home and that is saying something. Before Target, Best Buy and about 20 other stores opened just down the highway from us it was a major undertaking to go just pick up something at the store. The nearest store was a grueling 10-minute drive away, which was an awfully long drive for the girl who used to live less than 5 minutes from pretty much anywhere.

But this is a little misleading. I live in a city that is 100,000 strong yet still has a very small-town atmosphere. Even today with the city expanding by leaps and bounds (even with the economy such as it is) it generally takes no more than 20-minutes to get anywhere in the city even from the opposite end.* It is stranger to not run into anyone you know at any given store than to run into an acquaintance. It is not unheard of to run into more than one friend during a Target run.

It is only at Target that I have had men (and only men) who I do not know offer to take my cart in for me after I have loaded my purchases into my car.

It is at Target that my son ate ice melt and I had to fill out my first “incident report”. It is at Target that both of my older children have had major meltdowns, necessitating me carrying two crying, flailing children out under each arm while very, very pregnant. That day made me seriously question my parenting abilities let me tell you.

I’m fairly certain that the Baby thinks that Target is our second home.

But Target has afforded me some great deals as well. I’ve gotten things like a s’mores maker for $3 and a kid’s baseball glove for $4.95. Target clearance, hit at just the right time, is a truly wonderful thing.

However I can’t help but think it would be cheaper for our family if I just went in to Target once a week and threw cash in the air, then walked back out. It’s those darn Tollhouse cookies.

*Even if I could say even even more times, even though I could not think of even one other way to say what I wanted to say. Even.


Hip Mom's Guide said...

Ahhh, Target. Went yesterday for boy's tennis shoes (because he wears a hole through the toe every other month and I'm tired of paying for Nikes). Headed back today for all of the things I forgot, like toilet paper and tampons. Fun stuff!

Chelsea said...

I love Target too, even though Walmart is literally about a 2 minute drive from our house I don't like Walmart.

for a different kind of girl said...

There are four Targets within a 20 minute drive or less from my house. I've had to scale back my visits for the purposes of being wise with our money, but I tend to shop clearance whenever possible, and there was a four-year period where my oldest son wore nothing but clearance clothes from Target. They are my retail love affair!

Confessions of a Mom said...

I went to walmart today and it reminded why I shop Target. I've paid my dues and I'm sorry. Amen.

Awesome Mom said...

I heart Target, heck I even met my husband while working there. Sadly here Walmart is king and since they have a grocery store it is just way too easy for me to get everything all at once. I still make an effort to shot at Target more though when I am not shopping for groceries.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Ah, Target. I am lucky to have several Targets near me, including two super Targets. But none is under three minutes!

My word verification is squat!

minnemom said...

I decided on my graduate school by the fact that there was a Target nearby.

I was overjoyed when a "close" Target (25 miles away) opened shortly after we were married, saving me the 50-mile drive.

My thrift-store-shopping mom couldn't believe that I could buy brand-new shirts for the kids, on clearance, for $1.48. I may convert her yet.

In past years, I've become stronger in resisting the clearance endcaps, realizing I don't have room to store 22 rolls of wrapping paper even if it is 90% off.

When I earned a 10% off day, I once stopped at 5 stores looking to maximize my discount + clearance shopping.

I love that Target has clear aisles, plenty of checkers, and call boxes for assistance throughout the store.

Yeah, I guess I have a thing for Target too. :-)

chelle said...

boo hoo I miss target SOOoo much!