Monday, August 18, 2008

Most of us are Normal

Minnesotans are not known for their strong fashion sense or their refined taste in cultural pursuits.

Some of us even like a good tractor-pull now and then. (I did as a kid. Hanging head in shame.)

If you look at pop culture, you probably think that Minnesotans are quite eccentric, although I'm fairly certain that there is no greater percentage of weirdos here than, say, L.A.

Hollywood doles out movies about Minnesotans like Fargo and Drop Dead Gorgeous. We look like a bunch of idiots, but in reality only half of us are imbeciles. The other half of us are Grumpy Old Men.

The celebrities that have hailed from Minnesota prove just how normal we are:*

There's the guy who sings songs but no one can understand what he's saying.

There's the guy who sings songs who was first known by a royal name, then by a symbol, then by a royal name again.

There's the girl who is named after a town who likes to get things at the five-finger discount.

There's the guy who was a wrestler when they insisted it wasn't fake, who then turned to politics.

Um. Okay then.

Maybe we are kind of strange.

*Who are they?


Bikini said...

My guesses are Bob Dylan, Prince, Winona, and Jesse Ventura.

Bikini said...

Winona Ryder, that is.

angi said...

hehehe :)

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

When I think of Minnesotans, I think of people in plaid shirts in canoes in the Boundary Waters.

I also think of a friend's husband T-shirt that reads "A loon. A tick. From Minnesota."