Thursday, August 28, 2008

the blogging world

Some days I think it is so strange that I feel compelled to sit here and write about this or that. Many days I wonder if I am actually "talking" to anyone. Is anyone out there listening? Then I think about how it is hard to explain to other people (non-bloggers) about my "friends" I read about each day/e-mail with/comment to.

Then something like this happens. And I realize that the "friends" that I read about each day really are friends. I care about their lives, their families, their insight on being a Mom, and many other things about each person (you know they are all different, bringing great things to each own blog).

I was not a reader of Stephanie's (Nie Nie) blog before, but find myself reading like crazy now knowing that she is somewhere, battling with burn injuries, away from her family, and needing the supprt, love & prayers of so many. I read and think about myself and other blog friends, and the important things, about how you really never know what tomorrow will bring.

Blogging does that for me. It shows me things I do not see everyday. It lets me connect with other Moms going through a VERY similar life to mine, and it also connects me with those that are not like me at all. Blogging has let me read the intimate thoughts/feelings of a few Mothers that have lost children. They have made me slow down & appreciate the little everyday things (and not get as upset at the not so fun parts of motherhood).

Stephanie & Christian's accident is another one of those situations for me. A normal couple, a tragic accident, all leaving me to be aware of each day. Tell the kids how much they mean to me, let my husband know I think he is the BEST. All of those things you HOPE they will know in a situation anything like the Nielson's.


You can read updates on Stephanie & Christian on her sister's blog. And today there are many fabulous auctions taking place here, raising money for the long recovery process ahead.


Anonymous said...

What a sad story. I will be keeping them in my prayers. The blogosphere is indeed a magical place. Great post, Angi.

Heather said...

It is great to see such support for people we don't "know" in person. But you are right. I feel like I've "known" you for a long time, but many people would say that we don't know each other at all.