Thursday, June 19, 2008

the simple life

There is a part of me that has always longed for a big family, and a simple life. But as I have grown older, I realized that neither are as "simple" as they might seem. Large families require more work than I ever imagined, and my family is not even that big. Living simply is also a big adjustment, and one that I would like to continue learning more about.

Some of the best times that my family has shared (thus far) are our long weekends spent camping. Now I know that living this way for a weekend does not even compare to always living this way, but it really is wonderful. It is great to have no distractions. There is no tv, no computers *GASP*, no phones... just our family being together. Playing, exploring, cooking, swimming, and hiking together. Walking to the nearest bathroom, showering when we feel that it is a necessity (LOL), and sleeping in our tent. Yes, you read that right, tent. I've slept in a tent while pregnant, while nursing an infant (who screamed all night, I am sure waking half the campers...) and now with our four young kids. It may not be the best sleeping I have ever had, but it is fun none the less. We all sit by the campfire before bed, and all go to sleep together, talking about the best parts of our day and the one to follow. Ahhhh...I can not wait for our trip in July!

I have wonderful memories of going camping when I was a child, and I hope that my kids will one day say the same. I hope they will take thier kids camping, if only to see the joy in the simplicity of it all.

*this picture was taken on a camping trip back in 1982, I am the little blonde on the far left :)

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Heather said...

You are one brave woman. You won't catch me in a tent with a newborn! Our week "up north" is sort of living simply for a week, but we still have tv in the late night...oh, and beds.