Thursday, June 5, 2008

Having a Field Day!

If we go back far enough, most of us can pull up a memory of Field Day. For the athletic kids, it's heaven. You remember racing and tugging and, mostly, winning. For carefree kids, the memories are pleasant. A day out of the classroom, playing with friends, no stress. Others, no doubt, remember it as the day they wished, prayed, hoped to stay home. Running, ugh. Competition, double ugh.

Field Day in our area has morphed into a day of fun, sans the "official" competition, although if kids can turn any game into winning and losing, they will. But what I saw over the past two days (two kids, two schools), was pure fun: games and snacks and lots of laughter.

Get it in the bottle!

Up the hill!



And there’s my kid, the one who's never met a competition game he didn't like.

Happy Field Day to moms and kids everywhere. Hope yours are full of fun, too!


Heather said...

I hated that day because I wanted to win so bad but I never did.

Tonya said...

I remember those days. I think I liked them but I can't pull that part out but since I don't hate them then it must of been good!

angi said...

LOL, yours sounds like oldest two LOVE competition of any kind. They don't get that from me, I am the "just have fun" kind of person :)