Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Where Have all the Manners Gone?

Here in the Midwest, perhaps in Minnesota particularly, we’re known for being “nice.” Part of being nice, in my opinion, includes having good manners though.

I don’t know what’s happened to having good, old-fashioned, manners but they are certainly lacking in my city.

Since when is it okay to let a very obviously pregnant woman with one or two kids in tow hold the door open for multiple people who don’t bother to even look at her, let alone say “thank you?”

It is also common for me to say “thank you” to the store clerk who rings up my purchases, to which he or she will often reply “you’re welcome” if he or she says anything at all.

Have you been in a restaurant and the man at the next table is using less-than polite language? I have. And I have yet to figure out what the profanity adds to the story. I admit this bothers me more when I have my kids with me, but honestly, it’s not pleasant to listen to any time.

I can’t even count all the times that I’ve been at a stop sign and waiting patiently for a pedestrian to cross the street when someone behind me honks. Really? Apparently I’m to run down another human being so that the person in the car behind me doesn’t have to sit at a stop sign for more than a minute.

Just think how much more pleasant life would be if people were expected to act civilly again. There have been many great things that have happened over the years, like electricity and cars and the right for the minority vote but there has also been a moral decline in society. It’s just not seen as necessary to be a nice person anymore. If you’re nice, you’re weak.
But really those who are still nice are the truly strong ones.


Modern Mama Diana said...

Oh I thought surely this only happens in NY! lol I hear ya on this one. My husband is notorious for saying a resounding and loud "your welcome" to people he opens the door for and don't say thank you. When I hear foul language in a restaurant, I just stare in disgust. lol

Kirsetin said...

Well, thank you for your lovely post. Perhaps this is why you're the mother of (soon to be) three children! The world may not thank you, but one day, hopefully, they will. (I was tempted to put an expletive at the end, just to be funny, but you have inspired me to show some manners instead.)

chelle said...

lol I have so experienced this all!! You are not alone.

DaRcI said...

Thanks for commenting!

Amanda said...

Sometimes it feels like a belly and more than one child make us invisible, or worse, a blatant nuisance to some people.

I have yelped and leapt from a crosswalk on more than one occasion when cars have blown past.

susiej said...

It's like one person starts being rude, and they set the standard... Could it be it starts with all the sports fans...?! I personally hate to hear people boo the other team. It's so disrespectful.

Kara said...

I hate the clerks that don't even say hi or tell you your total. You have to look at the screen and pay in silence. Then, the people behind you in line are practically pushing their cart into you while you try and put your purse back together. We need to instill a National Manners Day or something.